A Woman of Proverbs 31

One woman's, one year, journey to becoming A Woman of Proverbs 31: a woman of nobel character


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God ~ Family ~ Friends ~ children’s laughs ~ a listening ear ~ hugs ~ passion ~ being able to afford food ~ a roof over my head ~ I can read ~ God is in control ~ hope for the future ~ Dreaming ~ new experiences ~ health ~ safety ~ God’s love ~ new friends ~ completed lists ~ new hobbies ~ naps ~ baby animals ~ warm bed ~ friends that help you out when you need it ~ one more breath ~

Not too long ago I challenged you to find five things each day that you are thankful for. The items above are just a few of the items I am thankful for. What is on your list?

I have found that the more I think about the good things in my life the more I see the good things in each moment in my day. The key to a great life, and especially becoming a Woman of Proverbs 31 is seeing life differently, positively.


Author: JLarsen

I am a woman that is tired of following what the world tells me to follow (it isn't working anyway) and has decided to focus on what God tells me to follow instead, as well as becoming who God wants me to become. I am done trusting myself and controlling my own life, as I really do not know what is best for me, not really. I am ready to start trusting God to lead, and run, my life, as I know he has the best intentions for me and my future. He knows what his plans are for my life (Jer. 29:11-14). The goal: to be the best woman of God I can be, for myself, my family, my friends, and everyone I come into contact with.

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